Where can I get my Santa picture taken this year?

From our website (www.santaphotos.com), find the “Locations” tab near the top on our home page and find a listing of our locations.

What are your hours of operation?

From our website (www.santaphotos.com), find “Locations” and click on the location near you and you’ll find a calendar showing the hours of operation.

I’d like to take my Santa picture with the same Santa. How do I find his location?

If you remember where you had your previous picture taken, go to “Locations” on our website and click on the specific location and down the page you will see photo’s of the Santa’s that will appear this year.

What are your prices?

For our 2021 season, visit our pricing page here.

Our picture from last year was damaged, can we get a reprint (or, can we get more copies)?

Yes. You can email us at tech@arthurandassociates.com or call us at 206-783-5227. There is a file number at the lower left hand corner of your print that will make it easy to find your photo in our archives. If you no longer have the photo, or it was lost or destroyed, please give us a call and we’ll gather the information necessary to locate your picture.

We have a history of photos taken at the historic Frederick & Nelson set. Do you still use that set for taking holiday pictures?

Yes we do. We have a great history dating back to the days at Frederick & Nelson and proudly use that set in our Lake Forest Park Towne Centre location. If unfamiliar, you can find the address on the “Locations” page on our website (www.santaphotos.com).

I don’t like long lines…what are the best times to visit?

The last full weekend and the week prior to Christmas are far and away our busiest times. Lines are always shorter earlier in the season and generally earlier in the day.

Do you accommodate groups?

Certainly. Obviously, we are somewhat limited by the overall space provided by our set, but we will always try and accommodate your group.

When will my photo be ready?

Immediately. We will take your photo, show your picture on a monitor and print the picture for you to take with you.

Do you allow pets?

Good question, difficult answer. We will happily accommodate a photo with your pet, subject to the specific host location’s pet policy. We ask that you refer to the location’s website (you can find a link on our website at each location page) to determine if allowed. We think of pets as a friendly dog or cat. Please, no birds, reptiles, rodents or other exotic animals.

Can we bring our own camera and take extra photo’s

We respectfully ask that you not take photos during your visit with Santa. Thanks.

I have a question for you and don’t find it on this page. Who can I ask?

Please call us at 206-783-5227 or email us HERE and we’d be happy to answer any question you may have.