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Fantastic Finger Food Fit for an Elf

November 13th, 2013 | Filed under: helpful hints seasonal recipes | Posted by Elf jennifer

Mrs. Claus brought us elves some fantastic snacks today! As it is getting busier around the North Pole with Christmas nearing, Mrs. Claus tries to keep us full and energized by making some fun-to-eat snacks! Sometimes she makes individualized ones, or just platters to share, all are yummy and fun finger-food. Both of these recipes can be easily interpreted to make another object, animal, or setting. So get to cooking, and get creative!

The first snacks were two different bears, a brown bear and a honey bear:

Brown Bear Snack

Honey Bear Snack

Step 1: Take two pieces of bread and lay them side-by-side. Spread thick, and smooth on one piece creamy peanut butter, and on the other nutella.

Step 2 : Open a banana and slice 4 small pieces, put those in the place of the eyes, and place a chocolate chip for the nose.

Step 3: Cut a dried apricot in half length-wise, use one half as the smiling mouth.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Even Big Kids enjoy this snack!

Snacks for Kids

The second snack was a platter for all of us to share:

Healthy Snack

Step 1: Create the Palm Trees: Cut a banana in half, length-wise, and place on the platter; one half on each side. Cut the bottom of the banana to even it out. Grab a few green grape bunches and place accordingly on top of the banana.

Step 2: Create the Ground: Evenly sprinkle chocolate chips, dried blueberries, and raisins along the bottom of the bananas.

Step 3: Create the Man: Cut four slices of ham for limbs (Mrs. Claus used ham steak for nice thick ham), and one square piece (about a square inch), for the body. Cut a square piece of cheese for the head. Assemble the body, two longer slices of ham for the legs, the shorter for the arms, and cheese for the head. Use yellow mustard to create a face!

Step 4: Enjoy by sharing!

Healthy Snack

Both of these recipes can be made with just a butter knife so you can easily include the kids! Kids, you don’t have to stick to the recipes exactly. If you don’t like raisins use peanuts, M&Ms, pretzels, or anything you think would look good as a ground! And if you’re a vegetarian, just make the body out of cheese. Get creative and have fun!

Challenge your self and see what other animals or settings you can come up with!

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