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New Family Thanksgiving Table-Setting Themes

November 3rd, 2013 | Filed under: helpful hints Holiday traditions | Posted by Elf jennifer

I’ve been stewing with ideas on ways to make a Thanksgiving table-setting more flavorful, and I have found some exciting things for both youngsters and parents!

All you kiddos out there: how many of you become undeniably bored after you’ve finished your turkey, and you’re forced to sit at the table, listening to the adults ramble on about their new countertops in the kitchen? Well I’ve found a way for you to enjoy your time at the table (or moms this will also be great for that uncle who would rather play with the kids)! These interactive utensil holders that I found on, are a great way to make the table look clean, and provide an after-dinner activity! Simply print, glue or sew together (depending on the paper you print on to), then put out some crayons, markers, and/or pencils in the middle of the kids table in a funky glass; enjoy!


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Some fun ways to seat people are these (again printable) place cards I found on The colored printout I think is the best because it has a fall color scheme, although, if you would like to remain simple and uniform, they have options for black and grey! Kids, you could help your mom by folding these place cards in half as neatly as you can, and practice your best handwriting to write your guests’ names.



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