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No One Can Beat Mrs. Claus’ Drinking Chocolate!

December 13th, 2013 | Filed under: helpful hints Holiday traditions planning your visit | Posted by Elf jennifer

 Seattle Hot Chocolate

There is no way anyone can beat Mrs. Claus’s drinking chocolate! Three times a day, she provides us, and the big man, with her rich and decadent drinking chocolate. It helps to keep us elves going with a spark! Especially this time of year, getting busy before the big day! Recently I took a trip down to your neck of the woods (the northwest) and had a wonderful experience trying all the exceptional boutique chocolate shops’ variations of hot chocolate! Here’s a list of my top 3 favorites:

Fran’s Chocolates –

Located in 3 places, one location right across from Santa’s Cabin in U-Village, each place hand-crafting each cup of hot chocolate. It is rich, frothy, and so good with their whipped cream and chocolate shavings on top! Fran’s doesn’t only specialize in hot chocolate, indulge in their most famous Smoked Sea Salt Caramels when you’re there too! They are great to eat, take home, and make fabulous gifts!

Chocolat Vitale

This wonderful, cozy gem of a chocolate shop is located in between the bustling neighborhoods of Ballard and Phinney Ridge. They have numerous options of drinking chocolate, some with spice and some with nice, others have different amounts of cocoa, and they also have take-home packaging!


This chocolate shop has only a few different styles of drinking chocolate, and a few syrups for flavor, but excellently done! The secret I found here is to ask for all bittersweet, it is so incredibly delicious! And their whip cream has just the slightest almond flavor, yum yum! So enjoy their cozy atmosphere, and take a look at all the creative truffles they sell! Maybe try one.

Make a day out of trying one (or all) of these locations, walk around the unique neighborhoods they are located in. Check out the surrounding shops for one-of-a-kind gifts this year, or go at night and walk through the neighborhoods to admire the Christmas lights.

Frans Chocolates

(Image Courtesy of Pintrest – Ana Facio)

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