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Remember when?

December 19th, 2010 | Filed under: news | Posted by Elf jennifer

For anyone old enough to have ever had a Sears catalog at home, the memory of being a child and circling the toys they wanted for Christmas is a strong one.

Sears printed the catalogs from 1896 until 1993, and while the catalogs that millions of children tore into is now long gone, they’re available on the Internet in a new Sears catalog archive.

Remember these popular toys?

1903: Magic Lantern — “The young people not only derive great pleasure from giving magic lantern exhibitions, but the business training they gain…gives them the rudiments of money making…” ($1.90)

1919: Tinker Toy — “Tinker Toy is the wonder builder. An educational, interesting and amusing toy for any child.” (57 cents)

1927: Erector Sets — “The greatest construction toy in the world.” (89 cents-$12.98)

1937: Monopoly — “The shrewdest investor wins!” ($1.69)

1945: Model Plane — “For men and boys with hobbies!” (23 cents-$2.69)

1958: Coca-Cola Dispenser — “Looks just like regular dispenser in drug store…set up your own soda fountain and you’re in business.” ($2.79)

1974: Sidewalk Shoe Skates — “Oversized composition wheels provide greater stability for young skaters.” ($9.98)

1980: Video Arcade Cartridge System — “Console attached directly to your TV…turns it into an arcade of action-packed fun or educational games.” ($148.95)

1991: Exciting Gameboy by Nintendo — “With a dot-matrix screen plus standard controls you’ll recognize.” ($89.95)

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