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A busy weekend!

November 27th, 2011 | Filed under: planning your visit | Posted by Elf jennifer

Santa had a BUSY weekend at all of his Arthur and Associates locations.  He made hundreds of kids smile  and held a LOT of screaming 2 year olds.   Did you ever wonder about how the rundown goes?

6 months and under–Easy peasy!  Especially those snuggly sleeping babies.

1-2 years old–That’s when it can get…interesting.

2-3 years old–That’s usually the year mom and dad get to be in the photo. :

4 years old–They know that Santa is someone special.

5 years old–Ready, smiling and list in hand.

6 years old–Ditto.

7 years old–Can be a little suspicious, but they seem to get what they ask Santa for every year.  If it ain’t broke….

jumping ahead….

17 years old–A little bit of eye-rolling, but whatever mom says goes.

19 years old–A nice treat to surprise mom with.

20’s–It’s a tradition!  Can’t stop now!

30’s–Back with their own kids.   The tradition continues   🙂

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