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Santa!! I Know Him!!!

December 17th, 2015 | Filed under: Holiday traditions | Posted by Elf jennifer

Santa Claus is coming to town — that is, after he wraps up his rounds of Santa photos all around the Northwest and Puget Sound Region. Have you visited Santa this season yet? Here are a few of our favorite photos past and present.

Santa Photo roundup!

Santa Photos

Santa Bob and this mini Seattle Seahawks fan at Town Center at Lake Forest Park — location of the original Santa Photo set from Frederick & Nelson.

Pet Photos with Santa

“Big Kahuna” and Santa Lance at University Village in the warmth of Santa’s cabin. Don’t get too jealous Rudolph.

Santa Photos

Another classic Santa photo from Town Center at Lake Forest Park. It’s a Holi-Pajama Party!

Grand Ridge Plaza

Smiling faces while visiting and cheesing it up with Santa Larry at Grand Ridge Plaza in Issaquah.

Seattle Santa

Santa greets all his guests for the 2015 holiday season. If you have yet to get your Santa Photos, you have until December 24th. Santa waves hello from his new location this season: Southcenter Square.

A Family Tradition Going on Fifty Years

December 4th, 2015 | Filed under: Holiday traditions | Posted by Elf jennifer

Santa Photos

We are in the business of keeping the family tradition alive. The Santa Photography business was first established in 1943 in Seattle by Art French, followed by the Viydo family purchasing the Santa photo set and business in 1962. When the Viydo family bought into the Santa Photography business, their vision was to keep the classic Frederick & Nelson Santa photo set alive for many years to come. Since the foundation of the company, the Viydo family set forth to create what is now the longest-running Christmas tradition in the country — Santa photos.

One might think that once a child grows up and becomes an adult, the tradition of having Santa photos taken ends — if you believe in the magic of the season, then this is not true.

We had the pleasure of hearing the story of one family who has kept a remarkable tradition alive and going strong to this day. Karla Evans shared her story with us and also shared her trip down memory lane. For the past forty nine years, Karla and her family have visited Santa and followed the Frederick & Nelson set from its’ original downtown Seattle location, to where it currently resides, Town Center at Lake Forest Park.

Santa Photos

This weekend, Karla and her family will celebrate their 50th year visiting Santa and having photos taken. Karla had these words to share with us:

“It’s fun to see the Santa’s who have remained faithful to Arthur & Associates for so many years”

“Me and my two sisters are going to take our 50th photo. My two kids are going to take their 29th photo this year. My sisters will be taking their kids for their 23rd and 17th time this year”

“I know almost every year in the Everett Herald they do a story on a family taking Santa photos. A few years back, some children were on their 64th year taking photos.”

Hearing these stories is truly magical and heart-warming. Arthur & Associates is committed to keeping the magic and mystery of Santa alive, and this is a case in point where we are doing the job.

Enjoy Karla’s trip down memory lane with a few of her photos from the past.

Santa Photos